10 Best Trimmer Under 1000 Rs For Men in India 2021

Looking for the best trimmer under 1000 Rs? If yes then we are here just to help you out. As we know, hygiene is the most important part of our daily routine of life. We know that people who don’t concern their hygiene had many problems, they became sicker when we compare to a person who maintains his/her hygiene. Hygiene can be a preventive measure that can prevent any disease.

Growing hair on the body, growing beard, and underarms hair could also likely to be unhygienic. Maintaining hygiene for unwanted hair on the body and cleaning underarms can be a hygienic and a major step to prevent many diseases, every person should consume their hygiene and maintenance.

Best Trimmer Under Rs 1000 For Men

Nowadays growing beard has also become a trend, from many celebrities to a businessman everyone now loves to shape their beard in a different style to look good. but some people love clean shave and some people want to trim their beard time to time, so those people who wanted clean Shave pair of scissors to connect be a sufficient tool for cleaning shave. There is only a tool that can provide you with a clean and effective shave which is trimmer only.

But, choosing the best trimmer under 1000 rs is one of the hectic tasks. There are many factors that need to be considered while buying a trimmer. But as you have landed on this webpage there is nothing to worry about. For your convenience, we have listed the 10 best trimmer under 1000 Rs available on Amazon in India.

What to keep in mind while buying a beard trimmer?

As we are spending such an amount on buying a beard trimmer, so we should know some things while buying a beard trimmer. Here are that those things –


There are a lot of brands available in the market that are dealing with a beard trimmer. So you should choose the best and popular brand which is dealing with these types of products and have some positive reviews. Generally, we ignore the brand, we attract with its packaging and shining. This is the biggest mistake many of the users are doing. So first, choose the best brand that is dealing with a beard trimmer and then search for more trimmers of that brand.

Blade quality

This is the most necessary thing that you have to consider while buying a beard trimmer because that blade will only decide your shape. We will recommend using Wahl blades which are quite sharp and made from high carbon steel that will give you the best cutting performance. This type of trimmer blade comes close to 0.5 mm.

Length Settings

Most of the trimmers come with an adjustable comb that allows you for different cutting lengths. So this is a natural thing that if we have more length settings option in our trimmer, then it will be quite comfortable for us to trim properly. So we will recommend you to go with more length settings option trimmer.


As it is an electric item that needs proper maintenance if you want more service and smooth trim. It would help if you did proper oiling for your beard trimmer when you are using the trimmer for the first time and also do oiling after its use. Oiling more times to the beard trimmer will make it lubricated and prevent it from the rust and increase the life of the trimmer.


The battery is also a very important thing that you have to consider while buying a beard trimmer. As we don’t want any disturbance when we trim our beard and if the battery goes down while trimming, it is the most irritating thing that can ever happen. So it would be best if you always bought a trimmer after putting the battery in our mind. Various trimmers are providing a service of 45 minutes to 180 minutes, so you should go with a trimmer that can give you more service in a single charge.


At last, the main thing comes, which is the budget. We cannot cross our budget while buying any product. If you are looking for a trimmer that can give you more service, then you have to go with premium brand trimmers, and if you have a low budget, then you can go with the trimmers that can give you at least one year warranty. So that you can use it for 1-year without any worries. First, decide your budget and then start searching for the best beard trimmer for you. So, that why we have shared this article about the best trimmer under 1000 Rs in India.

Best trimmer under 1000 for Men In India

We have tested and go through many trimmers under 1000 Rs available in the market, and Shortlisted top 10 best trimmer is given below check it out:

1. Xmate Quik Cordless Trimmer: 120 min Runtime

best trimmer under 1000 for men

For those who wanted to buy a trimmer under 1000 Rs, it can be the best choice, it is offering almost all the features that can be offered at this price range. It will take only two hours to charge 100% and the best thing is that will provide two hr battery backup. Out of the box, it will provide 38 tap length settings from 1mm to 20mm or you can use it without the comb for a close 0.5 mm trim. You don’t need to change the different sizes of the combs which is the best feature I liked about this trimmer. Just charge the trimmer for 2 hours and it gives the same 120 minutes runtime. To check out the latest price, click on the button given below.

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2. JALIYA Hair Clippers Home Barber: 2hr Charging Time

JALIYA Hair Clippers Home Barber

Now, here is another best trimmer under the price segment of Rs.1000 available on Amazon India. It can also be a good choice because it also takes only 2hour of charging. But, it provides backup for 60min which is lesser than our first one but it is also a good feature. It also comes along with a charger that’ll help you to charge this trimmer every time. Also, it comes along with basic accessories such as a cleaning brush, blade oils, different sizes of combs etc.

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3. Kubra KB-1015 Beard and hair Trimmer: 60min Runtime

Kubra KB-1015 Beard and hair Trimmer

If you are looking for a trimmer under 1000 then Kubra Can be the right choice for you. The border design of This trimmer is seeming to be bulky Which gives an attractive look and grabs attention. It provides USB charging and sturdy power on switch for protective trimming.

This trimmer is coming on third no. of our list because it gives you the ability to use it with a Cord (while charging) and cordless (on battery). It gives you 60 mins runtime after fully battery charge. You can use your smartphone USB charger to charge this trimmer.

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4. Hoffen Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for men: 45min Runtime

Hoffen Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for men

This trimmer comes in the fourth position on our list of best trimmer under 1000 Rs. It is a showerproof trimmer so you can use it in your bathroom without any fear of getting water inside.

We have listed this trimmer in the fourth position because of its effective Good charging technology which can charge this trimmer within two hours, it also gives an effective battery backup of 45 minutes.

It comes with at this table trimming range 2MM to 28MM and the detachable head for easy maintenance and high-grade steel blades.

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5. VGR V-015 Professional Hair Trimmer: 60min Runtime

rs1000 bugdet trimmer for men

In the fifth position, we have VGR V-015 it can also a good choice for those who wanted to buy a good trimmer under 1000 rs.

Its bulky shining and handy design attract people to buy it. It comes with a charging LED light. This trimmer is very suitable for beard and Moustache, hair clipping.

It is available with a rechargeable battery which can give you a slightly bad experience because its charging time is 8 hours and it can use for 60min only.

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6. GADGETRONICS Beard Trimmer for Men: Quick Charging Support

best trimmer under rs1000 for men

This trimmer is also having quick charging support and also can be a good choice under rs1000. But it also has one good feature that it can be directly plugged and use. It also has one drawback that you will have to wait for take to charge it to 100%. It can be charged from your Computer or Powerbank via USB cable.

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7. Kubra KB-2022 USB Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer: 45min Runtime

best trimmer under 1000rs

Here, we have another trimmer available under 1000 budget on Amazon India. It can’t be the best trimmer under 1000 rs but it’s an average product that can also a good choice. It takes 8hr to charge the battery to 100% which is not a good thing of this product, and it also provides battery backup to 45min which is less than others. One of the best thing about this product it will give 1 year of manufacturing warranty.

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8. Lifelong LLPCM13 Cordless Beard Trimmer Under 1000 for men

best trimmer for men under 1000

Now coming to another product in our list of best trimmer under 1000 rs with amazing specifications. It is almost the same as Kubra KB-2022, its charging time is also the same as 8hr and battery backup to 45min. It has a 20-length adjustment from 0.5 to 10mm and having a 1-year manufacturing warranty. The design of this trimmer is quite attractive and different from other trimmers available in the list.

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9. Nova NHT 1076 Cordless Trimmer for Men: 2Pin Charging

Nova NHT 1076 Cordless Trimmer for Men

Nova NHT 1076 is another best trimmer under 1000 for men available in India. It has an attractive look that attracts people but not providing as many features when we compare it to other listed products. Its charging time is very high which is 10hr. It has 4 length adjustments and a trimming range of 0.5 to 10mm. We will suggest going with this if the above available option is closed for you and compare it with a price.

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10. Nova NHT – 1020 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer: 100% Waterproof

Nova NHT - 1020 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer

It is also an attractive trimmer and one of the best things is that it is 100% Waterproof, but another feature is not that attractive. It will take 8hr to charge the battery till 100% but give battery backup only for 30min which is a drawback of this product. The trimming range of this product is 0.5 to 10mnm.

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Why use a Beard Trimmer?

Going to the barber to trim hair is a costly and time-consuming process. Instead of following this, we should have a beard trimmer. There are a lot of reasons for having a beard trimmer because of its users. So let us discuss why to use a beard trimmer. Here are the main reasons for using a beard trimmer.

Money Saving

As we have already said that using a beard trimmer is today’s trend, but going to a barber is a costly process, so we can say that buying a beard trimmer is a money-saving process. You can save a lot of money by buying a beard trimmer. Those who have a very good growth of their beard has quite more advantages because after buying a trimmer, they don’t have to spend money again and again to trim their beard.

Time Saving

After buying a beard trimmer, you can save a lot of time by not going to the saloon again and again. In every season or occasion, we are always in a hurry and at that time if we have to wait at the barbershop and it is quite irritating and frustrating. You can do your beard trim anytime anywhere. When you have to go somewhere and have to look presentable, a beard plays a very important role in our facial expressions.

So now you don’t have to go to the barbershop, you can look presentable and smart at your home with your beard trimmer. This is the perfect product that will give you a smart look in just a few minutes at your home.


It is quite convenient to have a beard trimmer at our home so that we can shape it anytime, anywhere, and as per our demand. Sometimes it happens that we didn’t get satisfied with our barber because they didn’t understand our demand properly and when we didn’t get shape according to us, then it is quite irritating and frustrating.

After buying a trimmer, it is quite convenient for us that we can shape our beard anytime and can trim it as per our requirement. We should get convinced if we are spending some money, especially when it is related to our face look, we cannot take any chance.

Can give proper shape

We wall want to do something creative with our beards when we are bored with our ordinary beard style. With a beard trimmer, you can give many proper shapes to your beard by just sitting at home. You can style with your long beards, and if the shape gets wrong, then you can make it more creative by adjusting the size length and make it different. A barber will not give us too much time in shaping our beard, but with our beard trimmers, we can give many shapes to our beards that can give you a new look.

No damage to the skin

You can use a beard trimmer without any worries of getting cuts on the face and will not make any damage to your skin as there is a blade at the top side which will give you more protection from getting cuts on your skin. With most of the beards trimmers, there is an oil bottle comes which can make the blade of the trimmer more smooth for the better convenience for the users.

So if you are confused in choosing the best option which can give you a different look, then the trimmer is the best option that you can use instead of razor because there are some chances of getting cuts on the skin with razors.

No extra equipment needed

When we do ordinary shaving with a foam or a cream, it consumes a lot of time. But with beards trimmer, you don’t need any other tools to make your trimming perfect. You can shave anytime, and a trimmer is sufficient to fulfil your needs of different shapes. As there are different blades in a beard trimmer, so we can also use a beard trimmer for various other purposes.

Stubble Trimmer vs. Beard Trimmer vs. Electric Shaver vs. Hair Clipper

In these developing times, every hour is coming with discoveries. It’s become an era of change where people are continuing to develop better products from before. 

The whole market becomes the market of best. Only those companies can survive who’s developing new technology and present it to the customer. The technique of comparison is used to promote the quality of the product.

Companies are busy comparing their products to others to make their product the best in the market. To continue this, we will compare some types of trimmers that attain superior quality and provide special features in specific preferences.

Here, we will make a short comparison between Stubble Trimmer vs Beard Trimmer vs Electric trimmer vs Hair clipper. So, to know which is best, stick to this article.

Stubble Trimmer

Stubble is one of the most popular looks for men. The youth of this time loves the stubble look. To maintain your stubble beard look, you have to use a stubble trimmer. Stubble trimmer helps you to get a charm and look.

It is a cordless trimmer that runs on a battery, so you can easily take it anywhere. The motor power of this type of trimmers is fantastic. It can easily handle your stiff beard with its blades. Most of the stubble trimmers are run on battery and provide a good battery backup.

It can provide up to 3-5 hours battery backup on a single charge. Make sure to check the set length, which is majorly 0.4mm to 0.5mm in most of the stubble trimmers. Stubble trimmers also come with complete water resistance.

Beard Trimmer

Now, it’s time to check about the beard trimmer. Nowadays, having a beard is a stylish compact for the youth. To maintain their beards, they use a beard trimmer. This type of trimmers is specially designed for beard trimming.

It is counted as an invaluable tool for a man’s grooming kit. Beard trimmer attains two or more sliding blades for a unique beard finish. Beard trimmers are available in a corded and cordless format, but the cordless trimmer is considered more flexible than corded beard trimmers.

Well, the battery backup of the cordless beard trimmer is not so impressive; generally, an average heard trimmer can run up to 30minutes-45minutes on a single charge. The trimming speed of a beard trimmer is higher than its other competitors.

Electric Shaver

Electric saver is a type of grooming product specially designed to make the shaving process so easy. Electric shavers are specialized in shaving the beard in the least time. They are comfortable and safe, too because it reduces the danger of injury and enhances the user’s comfort level.

Most of the electric shavers consist of waterproof resistance technology, so you can easily shave your beard with shaving creams or gels. Well, the price of electric shavers is pretty high, but you can take it as a good investment because electric shavers are highly durable, so you don’t have to spend your money on electric shavers again and again. Let me tell you one more thing that the maintenance of an electric shaver is a word that must be appropriately considered for assuming its long durability.


Clippers are the essence of Barbershops. You can easily see a clipper whenever you visit a Barbershop. Clippers are used for providing a proper length cut to the hair. They are mostly corded, but the upcoming clippers also attain cordless technology.

Clippers mostly attain only 3 modes of trimming. These three modes decide the size of the hairs. The average stroke rate of a hair clipper is 5500 spm. Clippers are highly durable, powerful, and lightweight products. Clipper doesn’t generate heavy sound which disturbs you at the time of working. Clipper is majorly used for bulk hair cutting.

It is also true that it can damage the hair because it makes your hair spike, but most of Barbara uses this product for bulk hair cutting. They are specified for hair cutting, and it can not be used as a trimmer. It’s the right product for hair grooming, but some people still prefer scissors instead of clippers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Trimmer Under 1000

Are beard trimmers harmful to the skin?

If you are buying a good quality trimmer with stainless or titanium blades then there are no chances that they can harm your skin. However, a cheap beard trimmer can harm your skin.

Can beard trimmers be used for haircuts?

As it is already said, nothing is impossible in this world. But, there are other big trimmers out there that are used for haircuts. So, it is advised to use these trimmers only for trimming the beard for its long life.

Titanium blades or stainless steel, which one is good to select?

It totally depends on the preference of the user. However, Titanium is more durable than stainless steel and also, it is more expensive. While stainless steel is sharper than Titanium blades. So while selecting the trimmer, make sure to look for the best build quality more than the blades.


So these are the 10 different types of the best trimmer under 1000 rs available in India our site. We have also provided a link to buy this product for your convenience. We have numbered these products on our basis and we also describe their pros and cons, so please go through them before buying these products. All products have different prices and have different pros. The decision is of yours whichever you like most.

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