10 Best Trimmer Under 2000 Rs for Men in India

As we know, trimmers are always in demand. To maintain hygiene, trimmers are necessary. So today, we will tell you the best trimmer under 2000 Rs. Because of lockdown and some fear of Covid-19, people are not going to the saloon and preferring to shave at home. That’s why we have seen some real increase in the demand for trimmers. In April and May, we have seen a shortage of trimmers, and still, people don’t want to go to the saloon, and they prefer to shave at home.

best trimmer under 2000 for men

Best Trimmer under 2000 for men

Here are the 10 Best trimmer under 2000 rs, which you should buy.

1. Kubra KB-1001

Kubra KB-1001 trimmer

This is one of the best trimmers under 2000 rs on Amazon. You have to charge only for 90 minutes, and it will provide you 90 minutes run time service.

In this trimmer, you will get a 40 length adjustable comb. This is a chargeable trimmer that can also be used without any chord. 

You will get a 1-year manufacturing warranty with this product. You can shape your beard without getting cuts on your skin.

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2. Syska HT3333k Trimmer For Men

Syska HT3333k trimmer under 2000 rsfor men

This a great trimmer under 2000 Rs. You will get 10 length setting stubble comb of 1-10 mm with it. There are sharp steel blades in the trimmer. But it is very smooth and will not harm your skin.

You have to charge it for 2 hours, and you will get 60 minutes of running service from this trimmer. You can also use it without chord.

There is a LED indicator in the trimmer, which helps you to know the charging left. You will get this product in Rs.1899/-.

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3. Havells BT5171 C Trimmer for Boys

Havells BT5171 C trimmer for men under 2000rs

This trimmer is also in the list of best trimmer under 2000 rs. It helps you to set long beards also. They came with multiple length settings like 0.5, 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13-15, 17-19. You have to charge it for 2 hours for 50 minutes of running service.

The blades are of stainless steel, which provides assurity of efficient trim and will not get any cut to your face.

There is a lock function available in this trimmer, which helps you lock the comb and use it. For a change, you have to unlock the comb and set as 0er your requirement.

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4. Wahl 09891-024 trimmer under 2000 rs

Wahl 09891-024 trimmer for men under rs2000

In this trimmer, you will get 13 cutting lengths of 0.5-11 mm with 4 comb attachments. This is the best trimmer for traveling purposes.

You can use it for 60 minutes for unlimited chord use. This is a lightweight trimmer that is very smooth in use. This is a durable trimmer which has long service. 

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5. Phillips BT3211

Phillips BT3211 beard trimmer under rs2000

This is one of the best Phillips trimmers under 2000 rs. It is a fast chargeable trimmer. You can use it for 60 minutes after 90 minutes of charging.

You will get 20 length setting with this trimmer of 0.5mm-10mm. Also, you will get 2 plus one year warranty for this trimmer. 

There is also a LED indicator that will show you charging. The blade of this trimmer is very soft, so you will not get cut to your skin.

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6. Braun BT3020

Braun BT3020 trimmer for men under 2000 INR

Now coming to another best trimmer under 2000 available on Amazon. You will get 39 length setting with this trimmer of 1mm-20mm. The best trimmer to set long beard. You can wash it quickly, but you have to dry it before putting it again in the box. 

The only demerit of this trimmer is that you have to charge for 8 hours for 60 minutes of trimming. You will get a 2-year warranty with this trimmer.

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7. Kemei KM-5017

Kemei KM-5017 trimmer under 2000

This rechargeable trimmer is also in the list of best trimmer under 2000 Rs. You can use this trimmer for one month after 10 hours of charging. This is a very smooth trimmer, will prevent you from irritation on the skin. 

You don’t need to do oiling again and again. You can wash it in any way. Just make sure to dry it before putting it anywhere. You can buy this trimmer at Rs.1195.

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8. AGARO MT6001

AGARO MT6001 trimmer

In this trimmer, you will get 20 length settings of 0.5mm-20mm. You have to charge for 2 hours and you will 90 minutes of trimming. 

You can wash it under the tap and have to dry it before putting it anywhere. On this trimmer, you will also get an LED indicator for charging and a two-year warranty on this trimmer. 

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9. Phillips BT3102 beard trimmer

Phillips BT3102 beard trimmer

Phillips is always the first choice of users. That’s why this trimmer is in the list under 2000 Rs. It is very smooth, and you will not get any cut on your skin. Its stainless steel blades provide effective trimming and clean your skin.

The only demerit is that you have to charge it for 10 hours for 60 minutes of running service. To buy this product, you may click in the given button.

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10. Vega VHTH-01NT

Vega VHTH-01NT beard trimmer for men

Vega is a famous brand of trimmer. In this trimmer, you will get 7-length settings of 2mm – 14mm. It contains stainless steel blades that help in smooth trimming.

You have to charge it for 8 hours for 45 minutes of trimming. There is also a lock button available in this trimmer, which helps you to shape beard with exact length. You will get this trimmer at Rs.1490/-.

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Why use a Beard Trimmer

There are various reasons for using a beard trimmer. Let us know about some of the common reasons.

Saves Time

As we all know that today every person has busy schedules and going to saloon, again and again, is quite irritating. By buying a beard trimmer, you can save a lot of time by trimming your beard anywhere. Whether you are going to a party or any meeting, trimming and shaping the beard is quite necessary. So, with a beard trimmer, you don’t need to go to a salon. Just trim and give a proper shape to your beard anytime with a beard trimmer.

Saves Money

Buying a beard trimmer can also save a lot of money. Today keeping a beard is very trending, and if we are keeping some beard as a fashion. It is a necessary thing that we need to trim our beard frequently, and going to saloon often is also a costly process. So, by just buying a trimmer, a user can save a lot of money. A user can do many shaves with a beard trimmer; it means they can save such a good amount of money.

best trimmer under 2000


A beard trimmer will never harm your skin. A beard trimmer is a tool that provides a very soft trim. It will not make any cuts like a razor, and there is no risk in using it. Users can use it and move it anywhere, there is no risk, and its softness will make your trimming more accurate.

More Control

Giving a shape or trimming the beard is possible only with a beard trimmer. Shaving is also possible with a razor, but with a razor, you can also clean your shave, but with a beard trimmer, you can cut your shape into different styles. A user has a length-adjustable settings option in a beard trimmer through which they can set the length, and cut the beard according to that. In short, we can say that a beard trimmer will provide you with more control as compared to a razor. You can also use a beard trimmer to cut your body hair without any issues.


The portability is another reason for buying a beard trimmer as it is quite embarrassing to take your blade, razor, and shaving cream with you when you are going to travel somewhere. Bringing a beard trimmer is a relatively better option because you don’t have to get any other accessories with it. Just put your trimmer in a box and keep it in the bag. Now when you want to trim your beard, open the box and start trimming without any worries.

How to consider the Best Trimmer For Men?

If we are going to buy a beard trimmer, then it is quite necessary to consider some things before buying. Because we don’t want to get dissatisfied after the purchase of the product, that’s why it is essential. Here are those things –


The brand is one of the most important things that you need to consider before buying a beard trimmer. A good quality brand will give you a smooth trimming, and a long service and a non-brand will provide you with a rough trim, so always go with a good brand beard trimmer that can offer you a good service. The most famous brands of beard trimmers are Phillips, Braun, Nova, Panasonic, and many more.


It is also a necessary thing that you need to consider while buying a beard trimmer. There are two types of trimmers, wired, or wireless. So if you are buying a beard trimmer for the travelling purpose, then you should go with a wireless trimmer, as it will be convenient to carry anywhere. But if you want a trimmer with more battery life and high horsepower, then a wired trimmer will be the best option because a trimmer has the efficiency to produce more battery life and makes it durable.


Another important thing that a user needs to consider is the quality of the blades. A good and a sharper quality blade will give you an effective and smooth trimming. For the best cutting performance, a blade should be made up of high carbon steel that can give you a clean cutting and a more extended service. A blade that can cut close to 0.5 mm will be the best, which can cut a single hair very cleanly.

trimmer blade

Length Options

Most of the trimmers come with adjustable combs through which a user can trim their beard as per their need. So if you are looking to buy a beard trimmer for different styles of your beard, then you should go with a trimmer that has more options for adjustable combs. More length options will give you more choice for setting your beard. So always consider length options that you are getting with a beard trimmer.


Always look for the power of battery when you are going to buy a beard trimmer because, in today’s busy lifestyle, we don’t want to charge the trimmer again and again. It is the most irritating thing when we are using a trimmer, and its battery gets down. So always consider the battery life before buying a beard trimmer. A battery should work for at least 2 – 4 hours with a single charge. Also, check its quick charging function that can help you to make your trimmer full charge in just 10 – 15 minutes so that you don’t have to wait for more time when you plug-in charging.


The last thing that you need to consider is the price of the beard trimmer. The cost of the trimmer is based on the features of the beard trimmer. If you are going to buy with all the advanced features beard trimmer, then you will get it in a range of Rs.1000 – Rs.3000. Budget is a necessary factor that a user needs to consider.

Stubble Trimmer vs. Beard Trimmer vs. Electric Shaver vs. Hair Clipper

Stubble Trimmer

Stubble trimmers are the trimmers that are used to stubble your beard grooming. If a complete shave of your beard didn’t suit you and you want to trim your beard and make it stubble then the stubble trimmer is the best product for you. So, you can easily style yourself by leaving the stubble you want. This type of trimmers is not recommended for hair styling. Stubble trimmers are available in corded and cordless designs. They are generally lightweight with fine blades. These types of trimmers are not very expensive and provide good quality performance. Stubble trimmers are quite durable and easily portable also.

Beard Trimmer

As the name makes clear that this type of trimmers is specially designed for styling your beard. You can attain many styles with a beard trimmer. You can make a Viking beard, Thick beard, and stumble it according to your preference. Beard trimmers are also available in Corded or cordless form. Well, there are plenty of beard trimmers available in the online market so it might be tricky to find the best one. I suggest you choose a branded product that doesn’t get too cheap. Beard trimmers are better than stubble trimmers because in stubble trimmers you only have the option to stubble your beard but in beard trimmers, you can try many different looks. But, if you only want to stubble your beard and stubble trimmer gives you better quality than beard trimmers but you can enjoy a verity of styling with a beard trimmer.

Electric shaver

If you prefer to style yourself with a clean shave look then electric saver is the best product for you. They are also portable and available in the corded and cordless design. Electric saver is specially designed for providing you a clear and clean shave and avoid any cuts on your face. Well, the electric saver is not for beard styling so choose electric water only if you want a clean shave styling. Electric savers also attain some types where you can see rotary and foil shavers. These types of electric savers are categorized into dry and wet shaving. Wet shavers can be used in wet skin with foam and cream where Dry trimmers can be used without them. The quality of electric shavers is great but some people feel irritated after they start using electric shavers. So, if you want a clean shave then you can go with it but you can’t style your beard with this.

Hair Clipper

Hair Clippers are categorized as trimmers but they are specially designed for cutting large chunks of hairs. Barbers in the salon used Hair clipped for styling the hairs of their customers. They are used for quick hair styling. If you style short hairs and you are willing to maintain short hairs then you can easily do this with the use of Hair Clippers. They are generally corded because it requires more power to handle the long chunks of hair. Lots of companies also manufacture hair clippers for pets which are called per clippers. Pet clippers are designed to cut the long hair chunks 9f your pet. Barbers use hair clippers for styling in their salons. So, if you want short hair then this hair clipper is the best product for you.

What things to consider when buying a beard trimmer?

A Beard trimmer is a good option for men who do not want the use of the razor. The best beard trimmers require minimum effort, maintain the shape and length of your beard, and even clean after you are finished shaving. If you want to purchase one of these devices, keep in mind this information before you head out to buy one.

Some things to think about before you buy are listed below.

Beard trimmer should be easy to use

A beard trimmer can be a great option for the man who wants the look of a clean-shaven face, but does not want to rely on shaving with a razor blade. You should understand how it works before you buy one, and know if the device is simple to use. If you do not want any hassle in setting up and using a device for shaving your beard, make sure you get a trimmer that is easy to handle.

Beard trimmers are available in two types: cordless and wired

It will depend on your own preference which type of beard trimmer you should buy. If you live a busy life and have limited time for shaving, the best choice may be a cordless trimmer which will give you freedom of movement while it is being used. However, if your home or office has several electrical outlets that are easy to reach with the cable from a wired model then this is probably the best choice for you.

Electric beard trimmers require sharp blades

When looking at the various brands and models of beard trimmers, you should pay attention to one important thing: how often do the blade heads need replacement. If you buy a model that has removable heads with replaceable blades, then you can avoid spending money on buying new heads every time the old one becomes dull.

If you are looking for a simple process to clean your trimmer, take into consideration buying an easy-to-clean model. Most of them are designed with an open design that makes it simple to rinse off hair after you have trimmed your beard. It can be harder to clean if the blade heads do not come off, or if there are spaces between the blades that trap hair.

People who are in the beard growing phase can benefit from a trimmer if they want to keep it well-groomed during that time. Beard trimmers are perfect because they allow you to remove extra length when needed, or adjust your beard to your preferred

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we use the Trimmer for a Haircut and Hair Clipping?

Due to the designs of the Detachable Trimmer blades, there are not expected to be any issues in regard to the usage of this product for both Hair Clipping and Haircutting. The Trimmer can also be used for full or partial removal of facial hair, including eyebrows. When using on eyebrows, you should use caution when moving the unit in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Which is the best brand of the trimmer?

While some are for Philips, others are for Remington. It is quite hard to choose the best beard trimmer which will fulfil all your grooming needs.

Where to buy replacement parts of a beard trimmer?

Replacement parts can be bought from many online retailers. There are some sites where you can find discounts on popular models. Most of them offer free shipping and discrete packaging.


Beard Trimmer is an affordable option for men who do not want to rely on shaving every day. So those were the best trimmer under 2000 Rs. Instead of going with cheap trimmers, you should buy bit costly trimmers. They will work in an efficient way and provide you with more service. If you want to buy a trimmer, you can visit the website.

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